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Parents' Corner

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“Gianelli’s has been like a second home for our son the past 2 years! The relationships the teachers build with the students is such a joy to watch! Gianelli’s created such a strong foundation for our son to move on to kindergarten. We cannot thank them enough !!!”


Gianelli’s has always been wonderful. I went to camp as a kid at Gianelli’s and it wasn’t a difficult decision to enroll my children here for preschool.  Plus, it has been great to reminisce with the same sisters who taught me. 


We will forever be grateful for our time with Gianelli’s. Everyday I dropped my son off to school knowing he was safe, loved and learning core values


We are parents of two children that have attended Gianelli's Early Learning Center.  Our son recently graduated PreK-4 after being there for three wonderful years and our daughter just completed her first year in the Tiny Treasures program.  

Our son was in two different learning centers prior to Gianelli's, both very well reputable but we were never thrilled with the environment.  Our son always screamed and clung at drop off, regardless of how wonderful his teachers were.  Once I went to Gianelli's (while pregnant) and I met Sister Juana, I knew I found that place.  Her presence was so warm, we immediately embraced.  I am thankful every day that my children have the opportunity to learn and grow in this environment. 


Their experience has been filled with love and guidance.  Our son is fully socially, emotionally and academically prepared for Kindergarten.  Both of our children spent their most formative years in the care of the Sisters and Gianelli's staff where integrity, kindness and self love were not only encouraged but practiced/modeled.  Our kids never cry at drop off.  Our kids are happy every time we pick them up.  They tell us of their adventures and what they learned with enthusiasm and pride.  


As people learn that our children go to Gianelli's we hear stories going back generations about the home cooked meals and the smell of soup on Thursday mornings.  How children decades ago cultivated gardens with the sisters, just as ours do now.  This is what is lacking in traditional school settings and we are so grateful that our children have this foundation. 


Thank you, to ALL of the Gianelli's staff.  Thank you to the parents of the children who are our children's classmates and friends.  The sense of family and community that has been created based on the one decision to enroll our kids here has been life altering.  

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