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PreK 4

Montessori Based Learning Hub

1.    Practical Life Skills: Four-year-olds continue to refine their practical life skills, such as food preparation, cleaning, and sewing. They also learn how to care for the environment and their own well-being by participating in activities like recycling, gardening, and personal hygiene routines.

2.    Language Development: At age four, children in Montessori-based programs are encouraged to expand their vocabulary and begin to develop their reading and writing skills. They may work with materials like the Sandpaper Letters, which are tactile letters that children can trace to learn letter formation and phonics.

3.    Math Skills: Four-year-olds begin to explore more complex math concepts, such as the decimal system, addition and subtraction with regrouping, and early geometry. They may work with materials like the Stamp Game, which is a set of tiles that can be used to explore basic math operations and place value.

4.    Cultural Studies: Montessori-based programs for four-year-olds often include lessons on cultural studies, which may include learning about different countries, traditions, and celebrations. They may also explore the natural world through activities like nature walks and gardening.

5.    Music and Art: Montessori-based programs often incorporate music and art activities as a way to develop creativity and self-expression. Children may learn about different musical instruments, create their own art projects, and explore different forms of artistic expression.

Montessori Based Resources

pink and white light illustration_edited.jpg
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