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  Sr. Juana Olmedo, FMH

A Prayer to St. Anthony Gianelli

St. Anthony Mary Gianelli

by your many works in this life,

you have shown your great charity.

Turn your eyes toward suffering humanity.

Show to all the way of Salvation,

and by your intercession,

have that charity of God which

binds all together as a family,

spread everywhere.

With your powerful intercession,

obtain for me the grace...

that I so deeply desire.

I beg for peace of spirit,

perseverance in good,

and a holy death,

for me and for all whom I love.

Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Who We Are

Our Mission Statement
Gianelli’s Early Learning Center is founded by the Daughters of Our Lady of the Garden in the educational spirit of St. Anthony Gianelli. We believe that respect for God, others and self contributes to a family-like atmosphere. We are committed to creating “lifelong learners” and to nurturing spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth in a caring and safe environment.

Our Sisters – The Daughters of Our Lady of the Garden
For those who do not know much about the Sisters or our order, we are the Daughters of Our Lady of the Garden. Our congregation was founded in Italy by St. Anthony Gianelli in 1829. We are an international congregation, serving in 13 different countries on 5 continents. Our world headquarters is in Rome. Our main apostolates are education, health services and parish ministry. In the United States, we also serve in Providence, RI and in Staten Island, NY. In this community here in Middletown there are 6 sisters who are not only from 4 different countries, but also from 4 different continents!

Our Staff
We have a wonderful staff, all dedicated to the total well-being of the children and partnering with parents in the formation of their child. Every employee and volunteer who has contact with the children has been trained in the VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children program as part of our safe environment priority.

Director/ Head Teacher for Pre-K 3 Sr. Juana Olmedo, FMH
Pre-K 3 Educators Yong Sun Chu
Elizabeth Glidden
Sr. Lizzy Chira, FMH
Pre-K 4 Educators Cathy Matuz (Head Teacher for Pre-K 4)
Sr. Marykutty Edavazhickal, FMH
Sr. Mary Patasseril, FMH
Support Staff Sr. Consolata Paglia, FMH (Dietician)
Sr. Eugene Sanita, FMH
Maria Olmedo (Culinary)
Stephen Jones (Maintenance/Groundskeeper)
Volunteers Audrey Bongiorno
Consultants Dr. Michele Holzinger: Dental Consultant
Mary F. Jean-Byk, LCSW: Social Service Consultant
Tanya Lemanski, RN: Health Consultant
Lynn O. Miseni, RD: Dietician Consultant
Raeann Paparello, RN: Health Consultant
Karla Quinn: Early Childhood Consultant
Advisory Council Mr. Mark Federico, CPA: Accounting/Finance
Mary F. Jean-Byk, LCSW: Social Service Consultant
Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ: Communications/Technology
Sr. Juana Olmedo, FMH: Director, Gianelli’s Early Learning Center; Representative, Daughters of Our Lady of the Garden
Mrs. Mary Pursell: Insurance
Atty. Thomas Pursell: Law
Sr. Mary Anne Sharron, ASCJ: Education/Administration

Our Students
We have certainly grown since our humble beginnings in 1972 when we had only 5 children who all came from this immediate area! Over 45 years and over 1,000 children later, we are accepting youngsters from 15 different towns! We are pleased and proud of the reputation that Gianell’’s has in Central Connecticut.

  • Cheshire
  • Middletown
  • Cromwell
  • New Britain
  • Durham
  • Old Lyme
  • East Hampton
  • Portland
  • Essex
  • Waterbury
  • Haddam
  • Westbrook
  • Higganum
  • West Hartford
  • Madison

Our Philosophy – based on the Montessori Method
Maria Montessori was a great educator and humanitarian from Italy. She had a passion for the education of young children and her educational philosophy has been used worldwide. While we are not a Montessori school in the strictest sense, we have formulated a program for the education of young children that is rooted in Montessori philosophy below are some important concepts that find their origins in the Montessori philosophy which, when put together with the ideals that St. Anthony Gianelli had in the formation of young people, frames our approach in educating your children.

I. We strongly believe that the child is a person, with all the dignity and rights of every human being.
The child is capable of making decisions, of cooperating, and of helping others. He/she is growing toward the adult that he/she will become. It is the role of every teacher at Gianelli’s to provide the raw materials, the tools, and the permission to explore. The teacher is there to aid the child’s discoveries.

II. A young child’s attitude toward learning is like an “absorbent mind.” The environment – the classroom – has to be equipped with materials that stimulate a child to learn.
We use the Montessori term “the prepared environment” to mean the classroom in which materials are set up to be self-contained, self-corrective, orderly and sequential. All activities at Gianelli’s are meant to entice the child’s interest and lead him/her towards discovery. The teacher can open doors for him/her one by one as he/she sees the child’s interest is piqued and ready. Our role as teachers is to be a custodian, a guide, a model, a helper and most of all a friend.

III. The best way a child can concentrate is by fixing his attention on a task he/she is performing with their hands.
It is the aim of our program to provide a spontaneous and purposeful atmosphere, and a natural environment for each child where everything is suitable for his/her growth; where possible obstacles to development are removed and where the child is provided with the means to exercise his/her growing faculties.

IV. A child’s work is to create the person he/she will become.
We want our Center to meet the needs of each child in order to nourish the bodies and minds of happy and healthy children who can reach their highest potential. The program is concentrated on observation skills, language skills, physical strength and coordination, and on the development of a positive self-concept in the pursuit of learning and self-actualization.

V. Our 5 senses are the door to our intellectual development.
To reach this goal, the learning environment is structured so as to train the child’s senses; to stimulate curiosity, to satisfy needs, to know and to protect from unnecessary failures and, above all, to give the child a feeling that he/she is wanted and loved.
For more information on how these Montessori principles are present in our curriculum, visit the page on Our Programs.

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