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Gianelli’s acknowledges that our children are growing in an age where digital media and technology are part of their everyday life. We seek, therefore, to incorporate both technology assisted instruction and technology assisted learning into our program. By giving the children the ability to engage with technology, as an individual learner as well as in a group setting, we hope to teach them how to use this tool effectively. In this way, technology is yet one more component that complements all the other areas of learning, play and interaction that the children experience each day.

In our decisions guiding the effective use of media and technology for the children entrusted to our care, we fully endorse the position statement of the National Association for the Education of Young Children – Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8

We know that these two years at Gianelli’s are a critical time to develop each child’s sense of initiative and creativity. Their love of curiosity and readiness to explore is nurtured in an environment where working with new technologies gives them one more way to connect creativity and learning. Gianelli’s is proud to do our part in providing a positive, successful experience for our children in technology!

So, what does technology look like at Gianelli’s?

All students enjoy exposure to a full array of age-appropriate VHS and DVD programs shown to the children, especially during after school care, to expose them to classic children’s stories, seasonal progams as well as those that underscore values learning. The 53” plasma TV allows for viewing either by individual classes or by the whole school at once.

Wii at Gianelli’s

Gianelli’s is equipped with a 53-inch plasma flat screen television and Wii console.Much research has shown that Wii playtime enhances preschool education in several different ways; among them hand-eye coordination, recognition, and response. We have programs for sports, music, animals, stories and fitness and we have been using them at the Center since 2010.Children are taught the proper safety precautions, take turns, and are always supervised.

The PreK-3 children have access to Kindle Fire for Kids 7” tablets furnished with apps that focus on enhancing primary areas of learning and development. A quarterly “curriculum map” of downloaded programs featuring letters, numbers, shapes, colors, art, animals, sports, music, phonics and other pertinent areas for this age group is determined by the head teacher. Children use their tablets in a group setting with the guidance and supervision of the members of the PreK-3 team.

The PreK-4 classroom area is equipped with a Mimio Touch Board, a “projection-optimized Porcelain-on-Steel surface” that features “6-point Touch 360° interactivity” where up to six children can work together at the board on programs from the MimioStudio™ classroom software.

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